The Keyword Search system used to provide searches of member descriptions for individual words or phrases. While beneficial in some circumstances, we found it inefficient and now recommend the Advance Search system, since it provides additional search options, not available via (the old) Keyword Search system.

Separately, the site Groups are listed below as a quick way to find members sharing specific interests.

Top 20 Groups

Artificial Intelligence (244)

Humanoid Robots (218)

Nanorobots (Nanobots) (171)

Military Robots (121)

Building Robots (111)

Robotic Research (110)

Robot Themed Movies (106)

Domestic Robots (101)

Seeking Robot Lover (99)

Toy Robots (90)

Robotics Hobbyist (90)

Medical Robots (87)

Research Robots (86)

Industrial Robots (81)

Factory Robots (73)

Robot Themed Books (69)

Agricultural Robots (56)

Service Robots (56)

Care-Providing Robots (54)

Robot Groupie (50)

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