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100% free dating & social networking for robot lovers. At this time, the site is restricted to humans only, although we hope to open registration to robots/androids once their AI is sufficiently advanced. If you (are human and you) are interested in the progress being made in robotics, feel free to browse the 'Robot Related Groups' to find other robot afficianados. Whether you build your own, participate in robotic sports events, or just follow the developments being made in robotics (on almost a daily basis), you can find others who share your interest in bots. Sign up to enjoy free photo personals, Free Robotics Chat, message boards & email.

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Artificial Intelligence
A group for those looking to learn more about the science and engineering of creating intelligent machines and computer programs, as well as those who are interested in the potential of AI in various applications.
Humanoid Robots
A group for those interested in the development of robots designed to resemble humans in appearance and behavior, including those who use them in research, those who work in the robotics industry, and those who are passionate about their potential applica
Nanorobots (Nanobots)
A group for those looking to learn more about robots at the nanometer scale, including those who use them in research, those who work in the robotics industry, and those who are passionate about their potential uses.
Military Robots
A group for those looking to learn more about robots used in military applications, including those who use them in combat, those who research and develop them, and those who are passionate about their potential uses.
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Robot Passions is one of the few Robotics community sites that is FREE and works as either a RoboticsDating App or a Robotics Social Networking site (or as a hybrid of both), giving you the opportunity to find others in the Robotics community to connect with around shared interests. It is really up to you as to whether you are looking for friendship, romance, dating, love or just others who you might connect with for really any personal reason of your own. There aren't many Robotics sites that provide free text chat, audio chat and streaming webcam chat, which allows you to know for sure that the person you are chatting with is actually the person in the account they have listed.

Aside from joining just because you share some things in common with other members, Robot Passions has been online as part of a large network of sites that was started in the early 2000's. Not only is the site not going anywhere, it is part of a network with millions of member profiles with a large number of members who have been part of the network for well over a decade. This site and the connected sites are constantly being updated with new designs and new features to make everything easier to use and to provide more functionality for existing members. Since the site is free to use (along with any of the other sites in the network you decide to add into your account), many members maintain their accounts in the network due to the friendships they have made over time... while being able to spend their money on other dating apps that charge for the features the Robot Passions Dating App* provides for free. So, join this site and then add the other sites in the network that match your passions in life!

*Robot Passions works as a Robotics Dating App due to a responsive design allowing use on mobile devices via any browser with no download required.