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Robot Passions Members

  • newdpup
  • 24 years old | Irchester, United Kingdom

  • 90sbb
  • Love robots
  • I am african american 5'6 165lbs and love robots and technology. One day I hope I get to witness androids in my lifetime. I like entertainment and to exercise but I like people of all shapes and sizes. I joined the sites to express my love for robots.
  • 31 years old | Williston, ND, USA

  • acarguy
  • 52 years old | Nashville, TN, USA

  • manbearpig
  • I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords! I love to tinker with electronics, mechanical stuff, sensors, and computers. I've been into robots since I was a child; I can't get enough of them. I hope true AI is developed during my lifetime, just so I can see it happen.
  • 58 years old | Lincoln, NE, USA

  • smallthing02
  • 32 years old | San Sebastian, PR, USA

  • ccbilluser2
  • 30 years old | Adak, AK, USA

  • nivera
  • 40 years old | Princeton, FL, USA

  • canabspharmer
  • 61 years old | Moses Lake, WA, USA

  • gyanendra
  • 32 years old | Bharatpur, India

  • anonemous94
  • 0 years old | Las Vegas, United States

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